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And we're off!

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

We hope everybody had a lovely Easter and enjoyed all that glorious sunshine.

As spring has well and truly sprung, and we're all looking to new beginnings, we thought now would be a good time to give you an update on our progress. Despite being desperate to get the pub back open, it has been painfully slow going so far. As those who've been following our story for a while will know, we applied for planning permission for improvement works way back at the beginning of November.

A whopping 24 weeks on, we've finally received the good news that our application has been approved and we can crack on!

A huge amount of background work has been going on in the mean time and in many ways the scale of the project has changed and developed during this period to include things we might otherwise have overlooked, but that will really make a difference to the way the pub runs and meets modern standards. We're talking all the not-so-exciting stuff, such as upgrading the LPG tank, the electrical supply, insulation etc - we won’t go on as it's all very boring, but necessary all the same and you probably get the idea.

The other major roadblock to getting moving was the challenge of working in a post-Covid world, with every single trade that would be associated with our project from kitchen to groundworks and everything in between being greatly impacted by backlogs and a shortage of team members. Absolutely everything has taken twice (or sometimes even four or five times) longer than expected to quote, to order and to deliver. 

5.5 Months on from receiving the keys to this most special of public houses, we finally have a much better idea of timeline for completing work and reopening our doors. We're in the throes of sorting out the final details with our developer in order to agree terms and start building asap. The good news is that these guys are adept at getting projects like ours done and dusted double-quick. So while we can't offer any guarantees just yet - we're very much hoping we'll be ready to open in July.

Separate to the pub work, we've enlisted the help of a fantastic small local firm for all the exterior work (re-landscaping the gardens and creating a new access for the car park) which began in earnest last week. If you're passing through the village you’ll be able to see some activity from now onwards, and we will of course update you on all the goings-on here when we can.

We wanted to take a moment to thank those of you who have shown us such positive support over the past few months and also for the patience we've been shown. We know you're all missing the Tichborne Arms like mad, especially with all the glorious weather we've had recently. Oh wouldn't it have been lovely to bask in the garden with a fresh pint on days like those? As we've always said though, our aim is to do this once and do it properly. We want to ensure there's a thriving pub here in Tichborne for generations to come, and all of this will help achieve that.

Progress pics incoming next time!

Joel & Susie.

Stunning spring blossom on the cherry tree we found hidden in an overgrown bush

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