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Bookings Now Open & No Walk-Ins for Food at Weekends

The news you've all been waiting for - the booking system is now live! There's a button on our homepage to take you there. Book online for parties of up to 9. We ask that you email us to discuss availability for any larger groups as we'll need to jiggle the furniture around and give a pre-order to the kitchen team.

Now that we have opened up bookings for dining, our extraordinarily busy weekends have become even more so, particularly with larger parties. Coupled with a continued shortage of both front of house and kitchen staff (we’re hiring folks, drop us a line if you’re interested!) we’ve had to take the decision not to accept walk-ins for food at the weekend, so that our small kitchen is able to cope with demand and we can offer a decent service to those who have booked.

This did not go down well with many who had to be turned away yesterday. Although most disappointed customers were very kind and understanding, our lovely team’s apologies were met with hostility by some.

Not cool. Our team works extremely hard and none of us like disappointing anyone. We’d love to look after everyone who walks through the door, so we’re continually responding to everything we’re learning as we find our feet to make sure we can offer the best service we can: we’re replacing our till system, recruiting, continually training the team, reducing the menu and so on.

We understand the frustration when we’ve disappointed, and we’re flattered that it’s because so many people are so keen. Please be aware that things aren’t always exactly as they seem- we received a written complaint yesterday that service was slow even though we ‘weren’t busy’. Please believe us when we say that even if the place isn’t full of customers at any given moment, there is a world of activity behind the scenes catching up from the most recent rush and preparing for the next.

As always, we’re extremely grateful for the overwhelming kindness, patience and support the vast majority of our wonderful customers have shown us. Thank you 🙏🏻

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