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Breaking a few eggs

It's the only way to make an omelette right?

So far, our only order of business has been: clear, dismantle, remove and demolish. Frankly, it was all we could do during the everlasting waiting-for-planning period. To the outside eye, it must seem as though all we've done since we moved in is trash the place. We can see that might be worrisome for some!

Fear not, friends. Armed with the end vision, we're confident it's going to be simply beautiful. Sympathetic to what came before, but sensitively brought into the 21st Century and updated to ensure a thriving pub will be here for generations to come.

Whilst the interactions we've had so far have been, in the vast majority, overwhelmingly positive, we have unfortunately had to navigate a teeny bit of negativity too.

Change can be hard, we get it. We Brits are pretty passionate about our pubs, so it's inevitable that one or two folks might be sad to see the place undergo such a big transformation. We're extremely proud of our plans though, and we truly believe in the new version of The Tichborne Arms we're creating. As a young family settling here permanently, we couldn't be more excited about the future. What came before will continue to be treasured in the memories of all those who loved it, but the time has come for a new beginning.

We want to thank everyone who has been so positive, warm and supportive of what we're up to here. And to those who aren't quite so sure, we do hope that in time you'll come to love the updated Tichborne Arms, as we'd be very glad indeed to have you with us.

Here are some update pics of the mess we've made so far.

In other update news, the main contractor started on site on Monday and they are adamant that the 6-week build schedule is achievable, so we're still gunning for that end-of-July opening! Watch this space...

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