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Delays, delays, delays

Updated: May 4, 2022

Apologies to all you lovely people who've been eagerly awaiting news on our progress. We've been very tardy in updating you with our news. The main reason being, there hasn't really been any.

Frustratingly, the planning application we submitted back in November has been subject to long delays, so our hands are tied until we get a decision. But why such a long delay? Put simply, the planning department is overwhelmed - our planning officer has over 80 cases on her desk right now - so the normal 8-week timeframe we'd been banking on came and went long ago.

Although nothing is guaranteed, we really do feel we are tantalisingly close to a decision now. We've been in touch with (i.e. annoying the hell out of) the planning and conservation teams daily and have been assured that some good news is imminent.

Whilst of course we've been waiting for planning, that isn't to say things have been dull here at The Tichborne Arms. We've been busily planning, planning, planning, working through contractor quotes, doing smaller projects that won't affect the 'big build' (such as fitting out back of house store areas and a kitchen prep room) and shopping for equipment. We've now settled on a contractor for the big job, so with a bit of luck and a huge amount of collective effort once we get going, a summer opening may still be on the cards.

Let's keep everything crossed!

Susie and Joel

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