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Hi all,

We've been struggling to know how to update you as the goalposts have moved here too many times to mention.

We’re still not ready to open, sadly. The contractors aren’t finished and have confirmed to us today that they are again behind schedule, having now missed 4 agreed deadlines, and will not leave site for another week.

As we no longer have any confidence in the finish dates we’re given, it’s difficult to plan ahead with confidence or make any announcements. It’s enormously frustrating and disappointing for us as we’ve put a great deal of time and energy into scheduling everything necessary to open around now based on previous assurances, all of which then needed to be re-organised, re-jiggled and re-organised a few more times. We're exhausted. But we'll get there. Hopefully, before the newest member of our family arrives (he/she is due in 4 weeks!)

We are hoping to be able to run some soft opening ‘test sessions’ as from the end of next week, so we’ll tentatively plan for this, but for now all we can say is please wait to hear from us, as we’ll announce what’s happening as soon as we know with any certainty.

In happier news, the pub and gardens are looking absolutely b-e-a-utiful! We simply cannot wait to share it all with you.

Thanks so much to you all for bearing with us.

Susie and Joel

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