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Psst... we're open

We kept it fairly hushed to give us a chance to find our feet, but we can now announce the great news that we finally opened our doors on August Bank Holiday weekend. Nothing gets past our incredible local community though - the cat got out of the bag FAST! We've been inundated with well-wishers, eager returning punters and first-time visitors ever since. We've been far busier than we ever could have imagined, so we do hope we haven't disappointed in our efforts to bring you some good old-fashioned hospitality during our fledgling first few weeks.

Amidst the glorious chaos since opening, we also welcomed our beautiful baby daughter! We're so grateful and humbled by all the cards and gifts and well wishes we've received since she arrived, thank you so very much. Our little girl is an absolute dream and we're all smitten.

We've been gradually assembling our team and so far we've got a cracking bunch of people here that we're immensely proud of. They've all been working their socks off and have proven to be exactly what we were looking for - fun, friendly, hard-working and dedicated. As a result, you can expect a truly warm welcome and delicious freshly cooked fare when you come to visit us, even when we're off grappling with our two small children.

Our permanent opening hours are now listed on the homepage of our website. After a chat last night, we've decided to stay closed on Mondays indefinitely. We’d love to be open 7 days a week a bit later down the line, but for now our small team really needs a rest day after the busy weekends. We want to make sure they are well looked after, and also allow time for proper preparation for the week ahead.

Lots of you have been asking about bookings, as we've been walk-in only since we opened. It's coming! The booking system is being set up and tested as I type, and will be ready to launch in the next week or so.

A huge, heartfelt thank you to everyone who has visited us in the last few weeks. We're overwhelmed by the support we've been shown. For those of you who haven't made it in to see us yet, here is a selection of photos to clue you in.

See you soon

Susie & Joel

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