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Hello from Susie & Joel

We would like to say a warm thank you to everyone who has emailed or dropped by to welcome us over the past few weeks. We’re feeling lucky to have become part of a lovely community.

Just to tell you a little bit about ourselves…

We moved to Alresford 3 years ago after selling up our pubs in London, wanting to settle in the countryside and start a family.

Whilst getting to grips with becoming new parents - our son Oran was born not long after we arrived – we patiently waited for the perfect country pub to come along in the area we'd made our home. The Tichborne Arms couldn't fit the bill any more perfectly, so when we heard it was available to let after the previous landlord Patrick had sadly passed away, we didn’t waste a moment before putting ourselves forward.

We've got bags of experience and boundless enthusiasm for creating awesome pubs and our shared vision for this is one of past glories. As ‘locals’ now ourselves, we passionately believe the area needs and deserves a great place to congregate, eat, drink and chat – an experience that was available on almost every corner in days gone by.

We both love food but more especially a sense of community and we see the pub as a wonderful opportunity to combine both passions. Although we are keen to make the Arms a ‘destination’ pub, (bills must be paid after all), we’re extremely conscious that it is Tichborne’s pub. Your pub. Therefore, although we are eager to make every endeavour to ensure it is welcoming to those from afar, we are especially committed to establishing a pub for local people to congregate and enjoy.

We would love to open our doors before Christmas or even the early spring, but the reality is there is considerable work that must be undertaken before we welcome our first guest and pull our first pint. We are of the mind that we should ‘do it once and do it right’. So, we ask for both your patience and understanding, whilst we do our best transforming and bringing her into the 21st century as sympathetically as we can.

We are sure we will have the good fortune to meet everyone in the community in time, but please do feel free to come and say “hi” if we don’t approach you first. We’ve a lot on our plate over the next few months, so you’ll forgive us if we’re seemingly preoccupied.

We intend to keep everyone up to date as much as time will allow us, here via this blog or via our Instagram stories– so please come back once in a while, to see or hear how we’re getting on.

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