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Wellness at The Tichborne Arms

We feel very spoilt to live in such a beautiful area. Our local countryside and views from the pub are particularly special around Tichborne, which is why we’re delighted to have paired up with Sophie Plato for a series of Wellness Mornings with pilates at the pub. The idea being to bring together a group of like-minded people, some known to each other, but most meeting for the first time, on a Saturday morning to chat, breathe, move and be nourished. We'll meet here at The Tichborne Arms with a seriously good cup of coffee (or warming drink of your choice), and then unroll our mats ready for some invigorating pilates flow. Sophie will guide us through whole-body functional movement exercises in our stunning gardens. After building up an appetite on the mat, you are welcome to round off our morning with a choice of delicious, hearty breakfasts from our menu. What to bring: Yoga/exercise mat Water bottle Towel (optional) Sophie is a passionate and dedicated advocate of Pilates, having discovered the transformative power of this exercise method following major knee surgery. Sophie aims to teach in a way that enhances daily life. Classes are heavily inspired by the original Joseph Pilates 'Contrology' method, which focuses on exercising the whole body (rather than spot training) and embodies 'movement as medicine’ and a way of life rather than just an exercise. Clients often report dramatic shifts in their body awareness, reduction of pain, increased agility and a renewed sense of confidence in their everyday movement. Sophie strives to teach her clients not only how to move their bodies but also how to move with purpose, grace and efficiency. Through the integration of breath work and mindful techniques, she guides her clients to tune in to their bodies on a deeper level promoting focus, moving meditation, and an overall sense of calm. Sophie also recognises the enormous power of walking and community in bringing people together. She believes that through movement and adventure, friendships are formed, strengthening not only bodies, but also minds, hearts, and souls. To book a pilates session and see the upcoming dates here at The Tichborne Arms, please visit:

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